CentricsIT Engineering Tier Levels

The Engineering Expertise You’re Looking for When and Where You Need It

Experience can make all the difference when it comes to the engineers you need for your IT projects. But not all organizations differentiate between expertise levels using the same language. What one provider might refer to as Tier 1 experience could qualify as Tier 2 experience at another. So, without universal terms, how can organizations be sure they have the experts with the right knowledge for the job at hand?

CentricsIT Bridges the Gaps

CentricsIT has a large global network of engineers available for short and long-term projects, including:

  • System Rack & Stack

  • EUC Installation & Removal

  • Onsite Desktop Support

  • Site Surveys

  • Wireless Surveys

  • Data Center Moves

  • IT Asset Disposition

Our highly vetted network of engineers help organizations address technical needs in a cost-effective, reliable way.

Understanding CentricsIT Engineer Tier Levels

Tap into a Global Network of Experience Engineers with CentricsIT

IT teams are shrinking, but demands for IT initiatives are not. Hiring full-time W-2 engineers for short-term needs just doesn’t make sense. That’s why 90% of companies turn to contingent labor to get work done.

With over a decade in the technology industry, CentricsIT has cultivated a global network of highly skilled engineers at every level to support our clients and help them meet their project goals.


IT teams are shrinking.

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