Manage Your Multi-Location IT Projects with Maximum Visibility

You have several projects occurring simultaneously at different sites. These projects are all in various stages of completion with (potentially) numerous vendors and contingent labor contractors assigned to each one. How can you establish comprehensive accountability and management protocols that ensure that you meet deadlines and complete tasks to industry standards?

CentricsIQ Project Intelligence

CentricsIQ is a highly customized project management view that provides unrivaled transparency into your real-time field activities. Through its intuitive portal interface, you and your team have access to real-time project details through a central repository that updates and stores all data for active and completed tasks.

Granular Customization and Control

The transparency and customization offered through CentricsIQ enables you to be as involved, or as hands-off, as you need to be.

CentricsIQ contains ready-made frameworks for different types of enterprise projects (e.g. Wi-Fi deployments, lift-and-shifts, decommissioning, etc.) to accelerate your speed-to-delivery. When you are ready to start a new project, you can select the corresponding framework and pre-fill the necessary information to minimize the critical time between “let’s go” and “we’re done.”

Through its customized access protocols, CentricsIQ enables you to delineate which in-house IT staff members or vendor Project Managers have portal access to which projects (and at what level). Not only does this provide tighter security, it also gives you the chance to scale responsibility across your IT teams and relieve your own project management burdens.

Most importantly, if you decide to outsource the entire workload, you can observe and fully control the lifecycle of the project because you have access to every status report. However, CentricsIQ is not just limited to reporting and storing data in real-time; it also enables real-time control including:

Streamlined Communication

CentricsIQ reduces confusion and promotes more efficient communications by reducing the need for monotonous update calls and meetings. By having access to granular project data, you also save on unnecessary deployments to facilities when you need to place projects on hold due to environmental factors, power drops, rack space issues, etc.

CentricsIQ also saves the historical data from all your projects, enabling you to track project trend data to eliminate waste and better prepare for future initiatives.

Real-Time and Retrospective Intelligence

CentricsIQ simplifies the complex logistics of managing projects across locations with multiple IT teams. You can see everything that is occurring in your environments—both the good and the bad.


IT Project Management Expertise Anywhere You Need It

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