How to Submit a Ticket

To create a trouble ticket, refer to the Open a Service Ticket tutorial , follow this link or Dial CentricsIT support toll-free at +1 (877) 899-2368. You can find your portal login information in your Welcome email from the Incident Management team or request your info directly from your Incident Management Coordinator at [email protected] or by calling in at Call: 1 (877) 899-CENT.

You can also contact [email protected] to schedule a demo of our online ticketing and asset management system.

Contact [email protected] to decommission serials under contract or to officially notify us if your asset is moved from one site/location to another. For any additions to your current contract, please contact your sales representative. Decommissions and commissioned equipment will require at least thirty (30) days prior written notice.

When You Submit a Ticket

In order to expedite any service request, please have the following information ready:

  • The Serial Number of the machine needing service
  • Contact Information to coordinate ticket resolution
  • Equipment Detail: Manufacturer, Model/Part Number, Serial Number, and Physical Location
  • Problem Description

Battery Replacement Policy: Batteries are considered a consumable item, the responsibility of the customer, and not part of the maintenance contract. This is the industry standard policy and in line with the major OEMs. As a value add, CentricsIT FE time to replace batteries for the customer are at no charge. Cost of battery inclusive of transportation charges will be billed on a T&M basis. This replacement will not adhere to the SLA commitment for the covered equipment on contract. The battery replacement SLA will be best efforts (typically of 1-5 business days). Batteries carry a shelf life and therefore cannot be stocked as normal replacement parts. They are ordered as needed to ensure a full charge when delivered and installed.

Your Guide to the CentricsIT Customer Portal

The CentricsIT Support Services customer portal is a web-based application that manages all your maintenance and support contracts online.

Users have the ability to:

  • Submit a ticket online
  • Locate and access inventory in their data centers
  • Manage maintenance contracts for all vendors (not just CentricsIT)
  • Check the history of logged support tickets
  • And more!

Current CentricsIT Customers may request a copy of the Customer Portal User Guide any time. Please fill out the form below, and your account manager or customer service specialist will e-mail you a PDF copy of the User Guide within one (1) business day.

Request a Copy of the Portal User Guide


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