Security Guarantee

Every service provided by Centrics ITAD is backed by a Certificate of Secure Data Erasure or Certificate of Secure Data Destruction as a security guarantee.Compliance and Peace of Mind

Every service provided by CentricsIT is backed by our Certificate of Secure Data Erasure or Certificate of Secure Data Destruction. You will receive this certificate, along with detailed reporting, when your services are completed.

Security certificates and reports are important documents to have for compliance and auditing purposes. CentricsIT will make every effort to accommodate your logging and reporting requirements to help you remain compliant by any standards, whether internal to your organization or mandated by any governing authority.

We Take Responsibility at the Dock

CentricsIT provides this seamless security and empirical evidence through the following protocols (which can be further customized to ensure that all logistics meet your company’s requirements):

  • Upon arrival to the client’s facility, our SmartHands technicians carefully pack the designated units in customized, expandable foam-lined boxes that are then securely crated and palletized.
  • Once the equipment is ready for transport, we complete a signature document to show that the shipment has been officially handed-off to our drivers (this document includes the hardware inspection report that is conducted prior by our technicians and your team).
  • Next, we load the palletized hardware onto point-to-point dedicated trucks (“dedicated” meaning that the trucks do not stop during transit to pick up other clients’ shipments) and complete the necessary carrier sign-off paperwork before starting the official trip log. We take time-date stamped photos before, during, and after the loading process.
  • The pallets are then sealed into the truck with uniquely identifiable, serialized cable locks. Additional time-date stamped photos are taken to show that the seal is untampered and in place at the time of the truck’s departure.
  • Each truck is assigned a tandem driving team that follows a specified route and only stops for refueling or restroom breaks—one member of the team remains with the truck at all times. At each stop, time-date stamped photos are taken of the seals, and the time, date, and location are noted in the shipment log.
  • Upon arrival to your facility, the truck and locks are inspected to ensure that the cargo has remained intact. Final time-date stamped photos are taken as proof of this.
  • Your team will be asked to break the seals and inspect the equipment in the presence of our driving team. Once you are satisfied with the proof of secure transport, we then ask you to sign a document of safe delivery that will immediately be scanned and delivered to you, the logistics team at CentricsIT, and any additional third-party vendors, as necessary.

GPS tracking (with updates generated every 4 hours) can be provided upon request; however, we have found that GPS services are an added complexity and expense that our customers often do not feel the need to explore. If they have worked with us in the past, they know that CentricsIT manages the shipping process from beginning to end, using only the highest level, TSA-approved logistics during transport.

Comprehensive Security, From Point A to Point Z

CentricsIT provides secure chain of custody for every data-bearing hardware shipment by default, and we have the rigorous documentation, physical parameters, and fail-safes to prove it. We work with integrity and welcome accountability at all junctures. As such, we also provide an additional commodity that is not always easy to come by–peace of mind.

Don’t compromise your data through incompetent or unvetted shipping methods—work with the experts at CentricsIT, who guarantee your hardware’s security in motion.

Projects and hardware procurement backed by licensed customs broker expertise.

International shipments already come with heavy logistical burdens to shoulder in-house. Even the smallest error or miscalculation on your end could cause your time-sensitive hardware shipment to be detained at the border—not to mention the penalties and added fines you could accrue as a result. This logistical burden isn’t one that many companies are equipped to take on. That’s why organizations prefer to work with international trade experts in supply chain.

Many companies, however, don’t have the resources or the need for a full-time internal customs broker to handle your international trade expertise in-house. But you shouldn’t have to engage a third-party customs brokerage; your IT lifecycle management partner should have the in-house customs expertise you need for a more accurate and efficient way to ensure the seamless (and properly taxed) shipment of your critical hardware. Here’s how in-house licensed customs expertise can help companies navigate the complexities of international shipments.

The experts at CentricsIT fully understand the critical, on-demand nature of IT maintenance, so we stock locally in advance of any critical failures. For other international logistics, however, when a client asks us to export hardware immediately, we recommend a 24-48-hour vetting and preparation period prior to each shipment. In our experience, a few hour’s delay to ensure accuracy is a minor inconvenience that prevents the devastating setbacks that border seizures or tariff penalties can pose. Rather than wait to figure out what we missed at the border, the in-house customs experts at CentricsIT choose to remove all liability on the front end. That’s liability that you would otherwise have to face.

Get It Right the First Time

Talk to a CentricsIT representative about global IT lifecycle management backed by global logistics expertise.


Projects and hardware procurement backed by licensed customs broker expertise.

Talk to a CentricsIT representative about global IT lifecycle management backed by global logistics expertise.