What Is a Wi-Fi (WLAN) Survey?

Today, Wi-Fi is deemed as a necessity. Due to the Information Age and the increasing trend of BYOD, customers and clients expect to have Wi-Fi readily available when they enter a building or establishment.

A Wi-Fi survey is the process of planning and designing a wireless network. In addition, a Wi-Fi survey will provide a wireless solution that delivers the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability, and Quality of Service (QoS).

Why Perform a Wi-Fi Survey?

  • No Wi-Fi readily available

  • Guarantee best Wi-Fi performance

  • Solve radio frequency (RF) issues

  • Access current Wi-Fi environment

What is Needed for a Wi-Fi Survey?

  • Survey Software Program (AirMagnet or Ekahau)

  • Floor plan of existing or future structure

  • User Specifications (Voice, Data and Video Support)

Three Types of WLAN/Wi-Fi Surveys

Next Steps

A Wi-Fi survey by CentricsIT will give your business the insight and understanding it needs to put an effective wireless plan in place to meet and/or exceed your unique business demands. The information revealed in a Wi-Fi survey will serve as a guide for network design, installation, and verification of the Wireless communication infrastructure.

CentricsIT can provide the following post WLAN survey:

  • Installation

  • Necessary devices and hardware

  • Certified technicians

  • Verify performance post deployment

Looking to assess and augment Wireless Network Access for multiple locations? Depending on the size of your locations, you will have various hardware to unbox, set up, and boot up. Therefore, you need a flexible team to set up each AP and analyze the coverage. Leveraging a global network of technicians, CentricsIT deploys an appropriately sized team to get your new wireless system online quickly and efficiently. This is ideal for corporate locations that need to get started quickly or need to make a smooth wireless service transition without disrupting workflow.

The CentricsIT technicians will analyze each site carefully so that you only use the hardware that you need, reducing redundancy and frequency overlap, and putting money back into your budget.

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