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Rack-and-Stack Projects

Your internal engineers have limited bandwidth and high demands on their time and expertise. It doesn’t make sense to have your highly skilled engineers pause work on critical strategic initiatives to dedicate time to basic rack-and-stack operations. Companies can’t afford to under-utilize their full-time, high-level teams for routine projects that are easily handled by less expensive expertise.

Like many low-level projects, rack-and-stack initiatives still need get done. That’s why more companies are turning to trusted partners to deploy engineers they can depend on to get the job done well without the high overhead of utilizing W-2 expertise.

How to Plan for a  Rack-and-Stack Project

Rack-and-Stack for Data Center Moves

  1. Identify your destination facility
  2. Confirm site readiness with facility provider
  3. Build project plan for all stakeholders
  4. Compile an equipment inventory list
  5. Prioritize the equipment that must move first, second, etc.
  6. Select a logistics provider and preferred transportation method
  7. Build out a “swat” team to help move equipment
  8. Make sure you have the right insurance coverage for the move
  9. Make sure your TPM/OEM agreements have the new location details for entitlement
  10. Prepare for some equipment to need troubleshooting at destination
  11. Confirm equipment optimization after reinstall

Rack-and-Stack for New Location Rollout

  1. Identify your destination facility
  2. Confirm site readiness with facility provider
  3. Build project plan for all stakeholders
  4. Compile an equipment inventory list
  5. Build out a “swat” team to help move equipment
  6. Confirm equipment optimization after install

What Should Your Outsourced Partner Provide?

Once the project reaches an end, your field services provider should deliver an on-site document that details:

  • Arrival time of engineers and equipment
  • Personnel interactions
  • Lists of (completed) tasks
  • A customer survey (engineer ratings)

Outsourcing Rack-and-Stack Shouldn’t Mean a Multitude of New Vendors

Organizations hesitate to outsource to IT contractors because more vendors often mean more logistical headaches, more contracts to manage, and more deadlines of which to keep track. With juggling an already robust vendor list in your technology stack, adding to the hardly organized chaos can be unappealing.

Turning to a global IT contractor enables multinational companies to seamlessly scale their teams without adding to their vendor list. By partnering with an IT solutions provider that has as large (or even larger) of a global footprint as your organization, you can ensure you have the coverage you need, when you need it—and without sourcing new and unknown IT contractors in every location you need them.

Finding the Right Partner for Your Rack-and-Stack Needs

  • Flexible Duration
    Our SmartHands teams can be deployed on a flexible schedule, so you’re covered whether you need engineers for a few hours or for weeks at a time.

  • Granular Billing
    Our SmartHands engineers can bill by the hour, half day, day, or week depending on your needs and the size of your project.

  • Global Coverage
    Our engineering force can be deployed in more than 80 countries with as little as 24-hour notice. We can facilitate and manage multiple projects simultaneously, across borders and time zones.

  • Single Point of Contact
    Our extensive, highly vetted global network eliminates the need to hire and manage multiple providers around the world. CentricsIT is your single, dedicated point of contact to manage all your IT projects around the world.

Service Delivery Options

Scheduled Standard Services require a minimum two (2) days advanced notice for on-site arrival and is intended for services executed during normal business hours; 8:00AM to 5:00PM (local time) at the location where services are to be provided. We can also provide custom SLA solutions tailored to your unique requirements and goals.

Track Your Rack-and-Stack Projects in Real-Time with CentricsIQ

When you engage the project team at CentricsIT, we become one with your internal team, delivering updates in real-time through the CentricsIQ collaboration tool. Logging in to CentricsIQ gives your team the ability to communicate with CentricsIT in real-time, update project milestones, requests changes, or simply check the status of the ongoing milestones. Transparency and collaboration are the keys to our ongoing customer relationships—and the backbone of our service delivery model.

CentricsIQ grants you:

  • Granular Customization and Control
  • Streamlined Communication
  • Real-Time and Retrospective Intelligence

… throughout the rack-and-stack project process.

Engage the Expertise You Need for Your Next Rack-and-Stack Project

CentricsIT brings an unmatched level of agility, ingenuity, and pure know-how to your next IT project. Whatever your infrastructure needs—anywhere in the world—CentricsIT has the expertise and resources required to get the job done. We take a proactive approach to project management and provide a high level of communication and transparency between our team and yours. Our team is equipped to demonstrate agility and will address challenges as they arise, minimizing the overall impact of any project setbacks.

When you engage CentricsIT for your next rack-and-stack project, you gain access to our global network of highly qualified IT engineers, who are certified across technologies at the highest levels. These are vetted, proven resources we deploy and manage on your behalf.

Additionally, CentricsIT is certified to help you greenly and securely decommission any outdated or unused assets in your data center. CentricsIT deploys a national fleet of mobile disk shredders to safely and permanently destroy old disks, safeguarding your data and brand security. We will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for our services. As a result, you can move forward knowing your data is secure and your equipment is disposed of according to EPA standards.


IT Project Management Expertise Anywhere You Need It

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