Low Voltage (LV) Cabling as a Service

Network projects can come with many challenges. But upgrading your LV cabling infrastructure shouldn’t be one of them.

Most organizations outsource LV cabling. But when you’re opening multiple locations across the globe, your team often ends up juggling more vendors than they can easily handle, leaving room for additional logistical headaches and gaps in communication.

A proper cable infrastructure comprises the bones of your data centers. Stop relying on disparate vendors to provide the foundation of your network.

Call in the Experts

Whether you need new LV cabling for a brand-new facility, or to upgrade the LV cabling for one of your current sites, you need a partner that can handle your LV cabling project from beginning to end. It’s time to bring in the LV cabling experts when:

  • Your site requires Wi-Fi installations

  • Your site requires demarcation point extensions

  • Your site requires infrastructure hardware installation

  • Your site requires TV installations

  • You need distance measurements for extensions

Additionally, fiber LV cabling requires a certified technician to run and terminate.

At CentricsIT, we take the stress out of managing complex LV cabling projects by providing our clients with high-level expertise and a global network of managed resources that are proven to deliver. Our clients count on us to take on their most challenging IT projects and—to put it simply—get the job done right.

Our Process

  • Site Survey
  • Solution Design
  • Materials
  • Scope
  • Install
  • Rip and Replace
  • Post Verification

When you engage CentricsIT for your next project, you gain access to our global network of highly qualified engineers, who are certified across technologies at the highest levels. These are vetted, proven resources we deploy and manage on your behalf, anywhere in the world.

CentricsIT orchestrates your entire LV cabling project from start to finish. We take a proactive approach to project management and provide a high level of communication and transparency between our team and yours. Our team is equipped for agility and will address challenges as they arise, minimizing the overall impact of any project setbacks.

Improve Project Intelligence with CentricsIQ

Through the CentricsIQ project intelligence portal, your team can track real-time project details. CentricsIQ simplifies the complex logistics of managing projects across locations with multiple IT teams. With this access to granular project data, you can easily address any challenges and save on unnecessary deployments to facilities when you need to place projects on hold due to environmental factors, power drops, and other delays.

CentricsIT Site Surveys

CentricsIT recommends starting with a site survey to determine the distance, obstacles, and termination points necessary for your LV cabling. A site survey is imperative for successful circuit demarcations and for all fiber LV cabling. This also enables our team to draw up a more precise Scope of Work, as extensions and materials vary per type and by distance.


IT Project Management Expertise Anywhere You Need It

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