Data Center Relocation Services

Any business that has ever gone through a data center relocation knows that the process can be very complex. Even if you are only moving a few servers down the street, there are logistics that need to be considered. And if you are moving a large-scale operation across the country, the questions that need to be asked and answered can seem endless.

53% of all companies expect to move or expand their data centers in the next five years. As much as a third of all companies have data centers that have not been moved or upgraded in seven years. –

Smoothly Execute Data Center Relocation with Limited Downtime

Downtime is a major risk, and it can be costly, but a well-executed data center move won’t impact operations and won’t cause significant downtime. The key factors are preparation and experience—extensive planning can take months or even years, and if your organization lacks personnel with the requisite experience to lay out a solid data center relocation plan, find a partner who can assist.

CentricsIT can help you plan and execute your data center move. Whether you’re moving a single server next door or an entire data center across the country, our data center relocation services are designed to turn this intricate process into a worry-free project for your team.

For complex moves, we offer site audit services to help you determine which equipment is suitable to move and which should be decommissioned, upgraded, or replaced. Once a plan is in place, we will assess your power requirements and ensure that all the necessary cabling, rack mounting hardware, and additional items are available.

Data Center Relocation: Our Process

Site Audits

After a thorough review, the CentricsIT experts will recommend which technologies need to be upgraded, decommissioned, or replaced.  Once a plan has been devised, your power requirements will be assessed to ensure all the necessary cabling, racking mounting hardware, and additional items are in place in your new location(s).


Our data center consulting team will work with you to evaluate your current environment, the new environment, and the logistics of the move. Additionally, we’ll work with you to schedule an outage window that will affect the least number of users. The CentricsIT data center relocation experts are ready to take down, pack, migrate, and reassemble your entire data center, even in the middle of the night.


The CentricsIT Logistics team has extensive experience packing, shipping, and moving IT equipment.  Because we troubleshoot equipment every day, we understand the issues that might arise during a move and have the technical expertise to address them and often times prevent them.

Global Data Center Relocation, Anytime, Anywhere

CentricsIT offers an entire spectrum of data center relocation services. If your move is simple, then our trained logistics staff can help you identify the right freight carrier and coordinate the move. If your situation is more complex, our data center management specialists offer all the needed services to help you seamlessly optimize and complete the transition, such as site audits or asset swaps.

Once the project reaches an end, the Centrics IT data center relocation team provides an on-site document that details:

  • Arrival time of engineers and equipment
  • Personnel interactions
  • Lists of (completed) tasks
  • A customer survey (engineer ratings)

… to ensure a quality data center relocation experience.

We scale our hardware teams to your needs, can deploy globally (and simultaneously) to all of your sites, and can even help with international shipping logistics in the case of M&A’s and other data center consolidation initiatives.

CentricsIT welcomes accountability. Which is why we provide clients with CentricsIQ, our extensive project management portal that enables transparency and open communication between your team and ours. Through the CentricsIQ portal, you can view your current project status, request updates, pause your project, and more.

Contact a CentricsIT representative to schedule your next data center relocation.


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