Simple Contracts

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Simple Maintenance Contracts

Simple ContractsOne Contract for Your Entire Data Center

The days of managing multiple maintenance contracts in your data center are gone. With CentricsIT, we put all maintenance for all machines, across all data centers, and for all manufacturers on one easy-to-understand contract. Our comprehensive contract and pricing options give you the ability to build simple maintenance contracts that best suits your infrastructure and budget.

You can expect that all CentricsIT contracts:

Are customer-centric – Most OEMs have contractual terms that benefit them. The simple contract solutions we offer benefit the customer.

Simplify the approval process – Our simple contracts are straight to the point, and the terms and conditions are completely flexible. Tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen!

Avoid delays – Your data center needs to be running efficiently and fully supported without interruption. Complicated contracts and reading between the lines should not cause a setback with your support. CentricsIT contracts are straight forward and easy to approve or modify in a short timeframe.