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How CentricsIT Works

How CentricsIT WorksCentricsIT gives you the flexibility and the resources you need to manage your data center. Our support services provide you with the following:

Multi-Vendor Support

  • CentricsIT provides server, networking, and storage support/maintenance in one call.
  • By choosing a third-party maintenance provider, you save money and time with one point of contact for all of your maintenance concerns.
  • Our online management system offers an easy way to track your assets and mange your inventory through one system.
  • CentricsIT services equipment from all the top manufacturers, including: IBM, Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, Sun/Oracle, and more.

Easy, Fast Tracking

    • Input maintenance requests quickly and easily through our online portal.
    • Our efficient Response Process involves four easy steps:
      • Step 1: Submit request either by phone or online.
      • Step 2: Your ticket is entered into our database.
      • Step 3: Your ticket is assigned to one of our certified engineers and attended to within 30 minutes.
      • Step 4: If parts are needed, they are requested from the local parts depot and delivered immediately or shipped overnight to meet the customer’s SLA.

Service Packages

Your business doesn’t run 8am – 5pm, so neither does CentricsIT. Our goal is to make your maintenance support agreements as simple and flexible as possible.

    • Our 24x7x365 phone support is standard across all SLAs.
    • Next Business Day and 4-hour response times for replacement parts and on-site service.
      • Next Business Day parts are guaranteed to arrive before noon the next business day.
    • We can create customized SLAs based on your company’s unique needs.

What we mean by four-hour response.

When the OEM says they have a 4-hour response time, it means they will get back to you within four hours. At CentricsIT, when we say 4-hour response time, it means that within four hours your problem will be diagnosed and the part will be onsite.

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