CentricsIT Support Services FAQ

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CentricsIT provides third-party maintenance and support for companies of all sizes. We work with the leading product manufacturers including IBM™, HP™, EMC™, Sun/Oracle™, Dell™, Cisco™, and more. CentricsIT features flexible maintenance and service level agreements, a certified engineering support team, and dedicated customer service representatives. Most of all, CentricsIT can help you reduce your IT hardware maintenance costs by 40 to 70%.
CentricsIT has locations in the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, India, United Kingdom and Australia.
CentricsIT supports every major manufacturer and many of the smaller makers’ machines as well. Contact us directly to find out more.
CentricsIT understands that data center support is not “one size fits all.” CentricsIT features custom-tailored programs designed to fit your specific needs. CentricsIT customers see no price increases for the life of the equipment.
Yes. CentricsIT provides maintenance and support for both used and new machines, regardless of the equipment’s age or generation.
If you have multiple manufacturers in your data center, no problem. CentricsIT can provide support across manufacturers on one simple contract. Contact us to learn more.
CentricsIT supports both mission-critical and non-critical machines. We even offer a blended approach that complements current OEM contracts.
CentricsIT only employs manufacturer-certified engineers. These are engineers who know just as much or more about your equipment as anyone the OEM would hire.
If you already have a contract with an OEM for some of your equipment, it’s not a problem. CentricsIT offers a blended approach to coexist with your OEM contracts.
The days of managing multiple maintenance contracts in your data center are gone. With CentricsIT, we put all maintenance for all machines, across all data centers, and for all manufacturers on one easy-to-understand contract.
CentricsIT offers flexible, simple contracts. We will work with you when making adjustments to your maintenance agreement.
We offer a wide variety of Service Level Agreements, tailored to suit all levels of support. We also craft custom SLAs that are designed for your specific needs and budget.
The customer portal is an easy to way to submit trouble tickets, track your data center equipment, review your maintenance agreement, and much more.
Our sister company, The Centrics Group, is an all-inclusive staffing agency. They find top talent to fill positions around the world every day, and they find all of our onsite engineers.