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IT Asset Discovery and Management

Change is always happening in a data center. Our IT Asset Management program will assist in discovering missing assets and manage future changes.Keep Track of Everything

When you become a CentricsIT customer, you gain access to our online asset management solution. We’ll complete a comprehensive data center audit to ensure that every machine is managed in one place—even machines that are not under our support. That’s right—one detailed online library for all of your data center assets, regardless of manufacturer or support contract.

CentricsIT can provide:

  • A detailed audit of your data center, including identification of critical and non-critical infrastructure components.
  • Online tracking and documentation for all IT equipment.
  • Identification of issues and warning signs before a small issue can become a major problem.
  • Tracking of current maintenance contracts and customized planning for future network applications.

With our IT asset management tools, you’ll not only know where each machine and part is physically located, but you’ll also know its current status and receive alerts when it stops operating at maximum efficiency.

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The CentricsIT asset discovery and management solution increases data center efficiency and eliminates the risk of security threats to sensitive data located on unaccounted for devices. Contact us today to learn more.
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