GreenIT: E-Waste Practices

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GreenIT: E-Waste Practices

GreenITOptimizing your servers could also lower energy costs. Want to learn more why GreenIT makes sense for business? We encourage you to learn more about the small and manageable, yet impactful things you can do to be kind to Mother Nature. CentricsIT has, and the positive effects on our company morale, bottom line and the environment have made a difference to us as business owners and citizens of Planet Earth.

Whether your company is large, mid-size, or small, if you deploy a Data Center, you are greatly contributing to the eco-footprint with e-waste. It is common for IT assets to consume 25% or more of your company’s electricity. If you are moving forward with a GreenIT plan, we can help you plan accordingly, provide the equipment you need for your restructuring, and properly dispose of and recycle your old equipment.

We distribute hardware from every major manufacturer and pride ourselves on being unbiased, which means that we will sell you the equipment that will best optimize your Green data center for virtualization, power management and other proven energy-efficient trends without any preconceptions. We will work within your needs and budget.

When disposing of old IT assets, we ensure every usable piece of equipment is recycled, and anything that cannot be salvaged is properly managed. Our IT recycling program includes: Zero-Landfill Policy Adherence, Clean and Sustainable Disposal Practices, Asset Tracking, and Total EPA Compliance.

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