EHSR2 (ITAD) Policy

EHSR2 (ITAD) Policy2018-01-15T17:00:44-05:00

CentricsIT EHSR2 (ITAD) Policy

Environmental Management

CentricsIT is committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution.

CentricsIT seeks every opportunity to conserve natural resources, including adherence to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s waste management hierarchy for all non-hazardous e-waste materials.

Health and Safety

CentricsIT is committed to preventing injury and ill health.

Each individual employee must ensure that his or her self and all parties are protected from injury or harm. Zero injury is the only acceptable goal.

Legal Compliance

CentricsIT exerts every effort to comply with all EHSR2 standards and legal requirements/compliance obligations.

Data Security/Destruction

Data security is taken very seriously—it is critical to our business and to our customers. CentricsIT takes every step necessary to prevent dissemination of customer data. It is our policy to remove data as early as possible once it is in our possession. No employee is ever permitted to access data that has been entrusted to us by our customers. This is a moral expectation and legal requirement.

Reuse and Recycle Electronics

CentricsIT is committed to taking all practical steps to directly test equipment and components for reuse and resale, and we aim to refurbish economically repairable equipment when possible.

CentricsIT takes all practical steps to separate as appropriate, through manual dismantling or processing, the materials, equipment and components that are not suitable for reuse or refurbishment. We then direct these materials to properly equipped recovery facilities.

CentricsIT ensures e-scrap is disposed according to sound environmental rules and regulations. We do not direct material to incineration, energy recovery or land disposal facilities unless there are no viable options for reuse or recycling.

Continual Improvement

CentricsIT is committed to the continual improvement of its EHS management system and efforts to enhance performance.

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