Why Data Security Matters

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Why Data Security Matters

Why Data Security MattersIt’s Important to Dispose of Sensitive Data.

A huge reason why it’s important to properly secure data stored on retired tapes and disks comes down to one word: COMPLIANCE.

State and federal governments outline strict policies and procedures for securing sensitive information, and your organization could be subject to regular auditing. It’s important to understand the significance of data security for this reason. Many of these standards are industry-specific. They include, but are not limited to:

  • PCI – Financial Services
  • HIPAA – Healthcare
  • NISPOM/ DoD 5220.22-M – Government
  • HITRUST – Healthcare
  • FACTA – Financial Services
  • IRS-1075 – Government
  • FISMA – Government
  • FINRA – Financial Services
  • HI-TECH – Healthcare
  • GLBA – Financial Services

Following these standards and properly disposing of sensitive data ensures that you will maintain a strong brand and protect your company reputation.

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