Self-Administered Data Erasure

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CentricsIT Client-Administered Audit and Erasure

self administered data erasureFor those seeking an onsite solution, CentricsIT offers self-administered configuration discovery and self-administered data erasure. Companies large and small can administer this on their own or through our global network of maintenance providers via USB, LAN, or WAN. Once complete, certified erasure reports are uploaded to the CentricsIT portal, where you can manage and maintain your global license and compliance reports while we administer to the resale and recycling process. This comprehensive solution combines the convenience of in-house erasure with the industry and global market expertise only CentricsIT can provide.

The benefits of this process are outlined below:

Simplified Deployment

CentricsIT offers this unique solution via USB, LAN, or WAN for use in a singular office environment or via Internet download in a multi-office, global setting. The erasure process can be easily administered by one of our maintenance experts or through your in-house IT personnel. The CentricsIT contract provides indemnification, so you can feel confident in the security of your sensitive data throughout the erasure process.

Streamlined Management

The CentricsIT portal makes mapping and analyzing your assets easy. You can use the system to manage and track your global licenses and create reports in a variety of common file formats. Once uploaded, we will coordinate the sale of the valued assets, provide a Resale Report, and generate Certificates of Data Destruction complaint to R2, NAID, ADISA, and e-Steward audit standards.

Maximized Value Recovery

CentricsIT will analyze your configuration details and garner maximum resale value for your equipment. CentricsIT leverages its unmatched global market reach to ensure you receive top-dollar for your unused IT assets. The rest of your assets will be routed to a certified CentricsIT recycler for proper disposal. Because all the information from your wiped devices is loaded onto the CentricsIT portal, we can remarket your assets without physically obtaining them. There are no logistics or transportation costs, as we will coordinate shipment directly to our buyers or recyclers.

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