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Hard Drive Shredding Services

Certified Hard Drive Destruction and Disposal in the South-East

Disk Destruction and Data ErasureAsset disposition is an inevitable step in the IT lifecycle. As IT equipment becomes obsolete or loses its value over time, you need to make room for new, updated hardware.

Valuable storage space shouldn’t be used to house unused IT equipment for the sole purpose of protecting the data it stores. In addition, security threats are intensifying, putting your data at risk. Truth is your data isn’t entirely secure unless hard disks are properly sanitized or destroyed by a trusted organization.

But how do you dispose of your old IT assets in a secure way, while protecting the sensitive data from hard disks or tape storage contained within your machines?

CentricsIT offers a secure and efficient way to dispose of your hardware and sensitive data by utilizing a high-performance hard disk shredder. Our hard disk shredder can handle anything and is guaranteed to sanitize and destroy your hard drives according to all DoD NISPOM standards. You can rest assured because our shredder pulverizes and destroys all hard disks, making your data completely irretrievable. Whatever is left of your destroyed assets is managed through our IT recycling process, which meets or exceeds EPA standards and is among the most efficient in our industry.

Our Certified Hard Drive Destruction Process

  • On-Site Hard Drive Shredding:
    If you prefer the destruction to take place on-site, CentricsIT will come to your facility in one of our top-of-the-line mobile shredding trucks. If your facility is located in Georgia, Alabama or South Carolina, we can arrive on site in a matter of hours.
  • Off-Site Hard Drive Shredding:
    A CentricsIT professional will pick up your assets from your preferred location, or you could coordinate with our in-house logistics team to have an insured dedicated courier deliver your assets to our headquarters in Atlanta, GA.
  • Complete Peace of Mind:
    Once we have your assets in our possession, we will shred the disks or tape, under complete video surveillance for your peace of mind.
  • Detailed Audit and Certificates of Data Destruction:
    We will provide you all of the necessary documentation you would require to pass a future security audit, including a Certificate of Data Destruction. Learn more about our Data Erasure Process .

CentricsIT makes it easy for your organization to securely dispose hard disks using our unique STUDD (Secure Transportable Unit for Data Destruction) solution. The STUDD is delivered to your facility and is used to collect all used hard disks that are headed for disposal. Once the STUDD is full, or at the customer’s request, we can perform off-site or on-site hard drive shredding. The STUDD solution allows for your hard disks to remain on-site until destruction services are performed and gives your organization the flexibility it requires. When your devices are ready for disposal, CentricsIT is just one phone call away.

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