Data Destruction Process

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Secure Onsite Collection and Industry Leading Destruction Methods.

CentricsIT makes it easy for your organization to securely discard hard disks for proper disposition with our data destruction process. Your hard disks remain onsite until destruction services are performed, and we will present you with a Certificate of Data Destruction once the services are complete.

Disk Destruction ProcessOur Data Destruction Process

1. STUDD Delivery

Once an agreement is in place, CentricsIT delivers a STUDD (Secure Transportable Unit for Data Destruction) to your facility. The STUDD can be secured in place and is specifically designed for the disposal of hard disks.

2. Secure Data Destruction

Your data can be destroyed on or off site. Once the STUDD is full, or at the customer’s request, CentricsIT can pick up the STUDD and deliver it, along with its contents, to our secure facility through a chain-of-custody logistics procedure designed to guarantee the physical security of your retired assets. If you prefer the destruction to take place onsite, CentricsIT will come to your facility in one of our top-of-the-line mobile shredding trucks, complete with video surveillance. CentricsIT complete pulverizes and destroys all hard disks, making data completely irretrievable.

3. Raw Materials Recycling

Whatever is left of your destroyed assets is sent for smelting. Smelting reduces e-waste to its raw materials, which are then refined and repurposed for worldwide use and consumption. CentricsIT adheres to a strict zero-landfill policy.

4. Certificate of Data Destruction Presented

CentricsIT will provide you with a Certificate of Data Destruction to ensure your compliance with all major compliance regulations and industry standards.

5. Resume Business as Usual

If you had shredding performed onsite, the STUDD will be replaced once the contents are emptied and destroyed. For offsite services, CentricsIT will ensure you have an empty STUDD onsite when the full STUDD is taken for disposal.

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