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Used and Refurbished Servers from CentricsIT

The recent economic slowdown has been stressful for most businesses. But a slowdown is no excuse for a company to lose sight of its long-term vision. If anything, these challenging times can create opportunities for companies to set themselves apart and prove resiliency. The trick is continuing to invest in the future, but in a focused and wise way, such as purchasing used technology hardware. Used and refurbished servers are less expensive than buying new, but if you buy from the right distributor even used and refurbished servers can perform as good as new.

CentricsIT is a leading international distributor of surplus technology, offering an impressive stock of inventory from top manufacturers such as IBM, Cisco, Sun Oracle, HP, Dell and more. Our experienced team ensures your refurbished IT equipment is thoroughly tested and in like-new condition. All of our equipment is backed by our team of manufacturer-certified engineers who are on call to provide support with any issue you may have.

If you would like to inquire about our inventory of used and refurbished servers, please contact us.

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