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Cisco is the leading brand in the manufacturing of high-performance, energy efficient network switches. With advanced flexibility, Cisco Catalyst network switches can be customized to fit in any environment. From start-up corporations to enterprise-wide systems, Catalyst switches allow for the constant changes associated with a growing business. Cisco Catalyst Switches

Catalyst’s expandability, network security and manageability protect your investment and reduce the total cost of ownership associated with your IT networking equipment. When you choose Cisco, you get the security, reliability and network efficiency your company needs, backed by one of the strongest names in the IT industry.

At CentricsIT we specialize in new and used Cisco equipment. Our expert staff of certified engineers can help you configure a Cisco Catalyst product to meet your networking needs. You never have to worry if you ever encounter an issue with a Cisco Catalyst product. Our experts are here to help. At CentricsIT, we see IT differently.

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