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The Cisco 3560 Series is a line of fixed-configuration, enterprise-class switches that include IEEE 802.3af and Cisco pre-standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality in Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet configurations. Offering the simplicity and reliability of traditional LAN switching, this switch also adds the benefits of intelligent services such as rate limiting, access control lists, multicast management, and IP routing. Cisco 3560 Series

The Cisco 3560 Series is the ideal access layer switch for small enterprise LAN access or branch-office configurations, helping businesses deploy new applications such as IP telephony, wireless access, video surveillance, building management systems, and remote video kiosks.

At CentricsIT we specialize in new and used Cisco hardware. Our expert staff of highly trained advisors can help you configure a 3560 Series switch to match your hardware needs. And with our manufacturer certified engineers, you can be assured that service after the sale will be second to none. At CentricsIT, we see IT differently. To find out more about our Cisco 3560 Series equipment and options, please contact us.

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