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Managing Multiple IT Vendors Makes Your Job More Difficult

IT lifecycle management at your company keeps you busy enough—the last thing you need to do is expend additional resources managing on redundant, disparate vendors. A lengthy vendor list creates wasted resources and needless OPEX drain, and it’s long past time that you diagnosed the financial and logistical strain that your vendor accumulation is causing.

The Price of Redundancy and Overlap

Each time you sign with a new vendor, you add to your operational workload. Managing communications and correlating deployments between your teams and the variety of other vendors that you’ve engaged is time consuming. Plus, you pay a markup for each and every vendor you work with. Those individual interactions and percentages might seem minimal at first, but multiply them against your ever-increasing number of vendors, and you’re left with hefty burden.

  • Overly-complicated vendor communication

  • Project management errors due to lack of cross-communication

  • Unneeded service redundancy

  • OPEX inflation

You most likely have separate support contracts for your different lines of hardware on top of a list of service partners that you deploy on a case-by-case basis. When a server flashes amber or your international shipment gets flagged at the border, who do you contact? If you’re like most companies, you lose valuable time and face the frustrations of having to call through a long vendor list before finding the correct one.

Your company’s time and money are worth conserving—because the loss of either impacts your ability to provide the services you promise and your best, undistracted work.

It’s time to consolidate.

CentricsIT as Your Single Vendor Solution

Our global network of strategic partners and decades of experience give us the expertise and the manpower to deliver a comprehensive IT vendor consolidation solution. Whether you need services through our L1-L2 SmartHands engineering workforce or help with global shipping logistics; from the earliest stages of procurement; to ITAD at the very end of the IT lifecycle, CentricsIT can deliver a single vendor solution for all your operational IT needs.

Work with CentricsIT and receive:

  • A dedicated project manager

  • Consistent reporting and documentation through a SmartSheet project dashboard

  • Reduced costs through consolidated expenses

  • A dedicated accounts team that knows your company and your priorities

  • Streamlined and simplified communication

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Consolidate Vendors Globally with CentricsIT

It’s difficult to align a list of vendors with what your company needs to be successful. At CentricsIT, we designed our solutions to keep our objectives aligned with yours. And you’ll only need to sign once.
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