A Smarter Way to Manage and Deploy Endpoint Devices Across the Globe

logisticsCentricsIT helps global companies improve service delivery and reduce costs by providing Device-as-a-Service, end-to-end supply chain solutions for endpoint devices and data center equipment. Whether you’re deploying thousands of laptops for a global refresh or stocking full device spares against your maintenance contracts, CentricsIT has the expertise and resources to handle everything—imaging and asset tagging; global logistics and deployment; engineer dispatch; and disposition and equipment buyback.

We provide this comprehensive offering to customers looking to improve efficiency in the supply chain and increase flexibility in device management and deployment.

CentricsIT is the only solution provider equipped to provide this level of advanced service delivery and project management expertise on a global scale. We are a world leader in end-to-end asset deployment and IT lifecycle management.

Managed Logistics and Service Deployment Workflow

  • Integration Services (Imaging and Asset Tagging)
    When you purchase endpoints, like laptops or tablets, for deployment across your workforce, CentricsIT can provide a single resource for custom imaging and asset tagging. We handle this process as the first step in our managed logistics workflow.

    You provide golden images to the CentricsIT team, and our engineers apply the appropriate images as each unit is received and tagged.

  • Managed Logistics
    Regardless of the volume of shipments or where they originate, CentricsIT will receive your assets at one or more of our secure stocking locations around the world. Our in-house team of Licensed Customs Brokers can even augment your trade efforts to ensure your equipment passes through customs with no issues. Once received, our staff will scan each device into inventory after imaging and tagging is complete.

    We manage the status and location of each asset using ServiceMax, powered by Salesforce. ServiceMax is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for field service management.

  • Secure Stockholding
    Our secure stocking locations are strategically distributed to serve every major market in the world. We provide managed logistics to customers in more than 90 countries and pride ourselves on our global capabilities. These stocking locations are climate controlled and secured 24/7 by onsite personnel.

    Your inventory is safe in our care. At any point, from anywhere in the world, you can log in to the CentricsIT service portal to check the status and location of any asset. Once a device is requested for deployment, a member of our team will pull the unit and scan to release it from inventory.

  • Local Deployment and Engineer Dispatch
    When a device is pulled from inventory, a local engineer is dispatched to hand deliver the asset to you. That engineer physically installs and troubleshoots the device onsite and does not leave until everything is confirmed to be working properly.

    In the event of an advanced exchange replacement, the engineer also removes the damaged or non-working device and hand delivers it back to the local secure stocking location for repair and restocking.

  • IMAC
    The local team of CentricsIT engineers is also available to assist with any IMAC (installations, moves, additions, changes) assistance you require. We help plan and execute data center moves; large deinstallation and decommissioning projects; and infrastructure refreshes or augmentations, among a variety of additional break-fix and data center support services.

  • Data Destruction and Equipment Removal
    When the time comes to decommission assets at the end of their lifecycle, the seasoned team of ITAD experts at CentricsIT works closely with you to formulate a project plan that prioritizes data security and ensures maximum ROI when reselling assets on the secondary market.

  • Asset Recovery and Buyback
    The resale value of decommissioned equipment can often offset the cost of new projects or equipment refreshes. CentricsIT is a global leader in secondary market hardware resale and can ensure you receive the most value for your retired assets, and our team will often buy equipment back from you directly.


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