Engineer Dispatch Services

Comprehensive IT Support Where and When You Need It

Your data center is your company’s nerve center, heartbeat, and lifeblood. Its protection is essential to your company’s reputation, security, and success. As an IT professional tasked with operating such a vital component of your company’s overall health, you want to feel assured that your maintenance and support vendor will be available at a moment’s notice when something goes down. You want problems fixed within hours, not days. You want someone on speed dial, not a robotic telephone agent telling you to press 1. You want support services from CentricsIT—a multi-vendor umbrella support and maintenance provider that offers completely customizable service plans to fit every need and budget at 40-70% Off the cost of OEM maintenance.

CentricsIT employs manufacturer-certified engineers who spend every day servicing and troubleshooting equipment. When you call us with a problem, there’s a good chance we’ve already come across it and know exactly how to resolve it.

Solutions Snapshot

  • 40-70% Off OEM support list prices
  • 24 x 7 x 365 customer support tickets addressed within 30 minutes
  • 800 Secure stocking locations in 90+ countries worldwide
  • Consultative and comprehensive quoting process
  • Global resources and service capability
  • Gartner-recognized TPM provider

Our Philosophy

“The manufacturer’s pricing model just doesn’t make sense to us. Your equipment is losing value every day, yet the cost to maintain that equipment is getting more expensive.”
Derek Odegard, CentricsIT President

The OEM support models focus on selling, not maintaining. They want to raise the cost of maintaining older equipment in order to bully you into upgrading to newer machines when the vicious cycle will begin again. CentricsIT has no hidden agenda. We know that if your IT equipment works just fine, it doesn’t make sense to pay for an expensive upgrade. This is what makes our philosophy so important.

Our primary goal is to extend the life and value of the IT assets that you’ve already purchased. We believe IT infrastructure costs should decrease over time as parts become easier to find and less expensive, and we will focus on maintaining your existing assets until you are ready to replace them. And when the day comes when you are ready to retire your equipment, we’ll help refurbish and remarket it to maximize your profits.

Count on CentricsIT for Customizable and Affordable Engineer Dispatch Services

CentricsIT assists companies of all sizes around the world to better manage their data centers. We provide IT hardware support services for all of the leading equipment manufacturers, including IBM, Dell, Cisco, and more.

Whether you are switching your equipment reaching EOS or your entire infrastructure to third-party maintenance (TPM), your company will reap the benefits of our Engineer Dispatch Services.

CentricsIT Engineer Dispatch Management enables you to take back control of your refresh cycle from the OEMs  without sacrificing the support quality. At CentricsIT, we work on the same 24x4x7 SLAs as the OEMs to ensure that when your company makes the switch to third-party maintenance, you will see an improvement in SLA delivery time.

At CentricsIT, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all Engineer Dispatch Management plans. Our SLAs are customized to the client’s unique needs. Our team works closely with yours to identify infrastructure components best suited for maintenance, design SLAs that optimize cost without increasing risk, determine where necessary spares will be securely stocked in one of our global secure stocking locations, and assess whether an onsite engineer is necessary for your environment.


Secure 24x7x365 support, no matter where you are in the world.

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