Common Misconceptions About Buying Used IT Equipment

  • Used IT Hardware is junk – it won’t work as well or last.
    The truth is that any reseller worth your time will only sell you certified refurbished equipment with a warranty. No reputable provider will ever sell used IT equipment “as is.”
  • It’s called the “Gray Market” for a reason.
    The only thing gray about our process is the manufacturer-provided paint used to touch up our certified refurbished equipment. Qualified used IT resellers can usually tell if equipment is counterfeit just by looking at it, but strict testing procedures are in place to guarantee the legitimacy of all equipment. With guaranteed authenticity and our warranty, you can rest easy knowing your purchase is secure.
  • There will be warranty issues.
    If there is time remaining on the manufacturer’s original warranty, it remains unaffected when the equipment changes hands. Furthermore, all equipment we sell falls under our warranty. You’re protected, whether the machine is still under the manufacturer’s warranty or not.
  • The hardware won’t qualify for OEM maintenance.
    A reseller can have a certified engineer for the OEM “reband” (recertify) used and refurbished equipment, keeping it eligible for OEM maintenance. Furthermore, CentricsIT operates CentricsIT (CentricsIT), our own well-established third-party maintenance provider. CentricsIT can offer pricing that is 40-60% less than OEM maintenance costs.
  • Used equipment is all older, EOL hardware.
    You might be surprised by how much “latest and greatest” used IT hardware there is on the warehouse shelves of trusted resellers. There is more available now than ever before, as the word keeps spreading about the value of buying on the secondary market.

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