Wi-Fi Assessments

Things to Consider when Upgrading to Wi-Fi 6

Between the adoption of Wi-Fi 6 and adjusting to the post-pandemic workplace, it may be time to update your business’ Wi-Fi network. Wi-fi networks should typically be updated every five years to keep up with advancements in technology, your business’ changing needs, and of course, the aging hardware. Wi-Fi 6 was released late 2019/early 2020—putting it in the [...]

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Solving “Bring Your Own Device” Stress

Modern companies have the unique challenge of using wi-fi connectivity to create a network of their widely-dispersed employees around the world. Employees expect fast, reliable internet connection on their work computers, work phones, and personal phones from wherever they’re working. What Are We Dealing with? Improving Wi-Fi connectivity for a distributed workforce is complicated by the sheer variety [...]

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