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Improving Project Management: Finding the Right Project Management Tools

Managing an IT project of any scale is a hassle, especially if you don’t have adequate visibility and control from your project management tools. Depending on the size of your company and the number of locations you are responsible for, you likely have multiple projects occurring—at different times, in different regions—that are in various stages of completion. Not only do you need to keep tabs on your in-house staff, you also need to juggle the management responsibilities of the numerous vendors you’ve contracted with. It’s a lot of moving parts, and there’s only one of you. CentricsIT believes in being completely transparent with our clients. That’s why we believe you deserve a better way to see and manage all of your projects in real-time, from one location. Project Management Intelligence [...]

Regain Control of IT Spend with Vendor Consolidation

Having too many vendors leads to inefficiency. Like too much IT spend. Too many profit margins to cover. Too many points of contact. And too many projects that are out of your control. It's time to regain control of IT spend and the rest of your IT operations with vendor consolidation. If you’re operating internationally, then your vendor sprawl can become much worse. With exponential vendors comes exponential logistical and financial burdens, including: Overly complicated vendor communication Extensive project management errors and inconsistencies Unnecessary service redundancy and overhead Unstandardized protocols and support methodologies Outsourcing your IT tasks is a necessity in this age of leaner IT teams and more generalized engineering talent. But outsourcing, fundamentally, is supposed to relieve pressure on your in-house teams, not add more strain. If your [...]

ISO Certifications: Standing Out in Safety and Efficiency

Certifications delivered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) are a system of world-wide quality management standards focused on global, industrial, and commercial best practices for each industry. These quality certifications serve as a way to ensure that organizations across the world follow the same outlines and processes to maintain quality and ensure employee safety. Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) similarly establishes standards for workplace safety. By adopting and staying in compliance with these global standards, organizations demonstrate their dedication to maintaining effective operating procedures and meeting customer expectations. So what does it take to earn these certifications? Below, we’ll take a deeper look at the process and what difference these certifications make to you when you work with these certified organizations. ISO Certification Process CentricsIT maintains three [...]

Experience Matters: IT Engineering Types and Levels Explained

Understanding the different levels of IT engineering that a company offers can quickly become confusing. However, it’s a necessary part of understanding the value that they can provide in augmenting your IT team. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide to explaining how we define the most common IT engineering types and levels. When it comes to IT engineers, we know that experience can make all the difference. But experience in what areas? Not all IT experience translates. Unfortunately, it can be hard to draw clear lines around the type of IT work that your generalist engineers do. Deskside, Data Center, and Connectivity: Understanding Engineering Specialties Before we get into the different types of engineering we offer, it’s important to understand the distinctions between deskside and data center services. [...]

The Value of True IT Partnership with a World-Class Vendor

Most IT companies are “checkbox” vendors and do not uphold a true IT partnership. Checkbox vendors need to be told exactly what to do on every project. It’s not a quality of service issue; these vendors will systematically complete that checklist with speed and professionalism. But that’s all that they have to offer because—push-button at best—their only goal is to tick off those checkboxes. Your to-dos are completed—and nothing more. That’s the minimum passing grade. This checkbox mentality is what separates projects from partnerships. Here’s why true IT partnerships matter to the efficacy of your business. What is a True IT Partnership? Partnership might sound cliché—and you might be skeptical that it’s a sly marketing euphemism for “contract”—but corporate relationships are an opportunity to work more effectively alongside your vendors. [...]

Engineer Vetting Times Are Changing: One Size Does Not Fit All

The days of “jack of all trades” has come to an end within the IT operational services space. The high degree of fragmentation and complexity makes it near impossible for one resource to be able to do all things IT, making engineer vetting challenging. In addition to evaluating technical capabilities, an individual’s fit for the environment can overshadow the capabilities of many of today’s IT field services vendors.  There are significant differences in the soft skills necessary to deliver data center/back office services as compared to those attributes needed to deliver client-facing services, and a good engineer vetting process will allow you to find that perfect fit. The CentricsIT Engineering team has developed a very stringent engineer vetting process where our experts evaluate current skills, understand individual temperament, and analyze [...]

Conducting an IT Infrastructure Audit for 2018 Project Planning

This post was contributed by CentricsIT Account Executive Davis Fisher. Davis is a data center solutions expert who specializes in cost reduction and IT lifecycle optimization. He works from the CentricsIT office in Charlotte, NC (USA). The holiday season tends to arrive a lot quicker than any of us expect, year over year. As soon as we finish that last turkey slice and enjoy that final glass of eggnog, our minds undoubtedly think about how it’s going to be another year before we get to gather with family and exchange gifts again. Yet every year seems to get shorter and shorter, and those good times roll around quicker than we expect. The same goes for budget planning within the corporate world, and if you’re one who oversees any amount of [...]

Avoiding the Challenges of International Logistics in IT

Our multi-location clients are no strangers to logistical hurdles and site-to-site inefficiencies when it comes to managing IT projects across their footprints. If those footprint extend past US borders, then those logistics and management protocols are further complicated by the sheer size—and breadth—of their logistics needs. International Logistics in IT: The Trials of Import and Export Global IT maintenance is hard. And part of that difficulty is getting the right replacement parts to your international locations in a timely and cost-efficient manner. However, when shipping hardware to a different country, there is a complex vetting process that must occur before the cargo ever leaves the warehouse. Admittedly, anyone with a shipping label and packing peanuts can send a parcel to India, but if you want to avoid lengthy delays, CBP [...]

Quality Certifications: Why ISO, R2, and OSHAS Certification Matter

CentricsIT is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, and R2 certified. You’ve probably seen these before in passing or heard them thrown around in industry conversations, but do you know the investment that they represent or what they mean for your company? They are not the names of droids in the new Star Wars movies, but they do have a lot to do with intelligent technology and its proper disposal. And each takes constant work to stay in compliance with. Here are the details. ISO Quality Certifications The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a non-profit, national collective that develops and publishes global, industrial, and commercial standards. Although headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the ISO has representatives in 162 different countries and is considered to be the largest standardization authority in [...]

How We See IT: IBM Power System S824

Hot Points: Improvement on System Performance Swifter Acquisition of Insights Energy Efficiency For this month’s How We See IT column, we will be focusing on the IBM Power System S824. This line offers improvements on system performance and swifter acquisition of insights, while efficiently using energy. IBM S824 has the following features: Scale-out POWER8 processor Two socket server 4U drawer configuration Accommodates up to 24 CPU cores with 3.52 GHz Improvement on System Performance With the SMT8 feature, the system performance of the IBM Power System S824 has increased the amount of workloads with large or frequently changing sets. The IBM Power System S824 has the capacity to invoke up to eight concurrent threads per core, schedule threads per core and designate or change the primary thread. The server can [...]