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Supply, Demand, & Your IT Support Contract

Many view the economic laws of supply and demand as they do the first law of thermodynamics. They believe that energy can be neither created nor destroyed with the same confidence that they believe that, […]

Simplifying Multi-Location Wi-Fi Deployments

In our last post on this topic, we discussed the challenges that multi-location companies face when they want to make company-wide roll-outs or have consistent project management across data centers. Major overhaul projects can become […]

Managing IT Coverage for Multi-Location Companies

Do you have more than one main location for your business? If so, then you face several related challenges supporting the IT needs of your workforce. Even if you only have one or two additional […]

Quality Certifications: Why They Matter

CentricsIT is ISO 90001, ISO 14001, OSHA 18001, and R2 certified. You’ve probably seen these before in passing or heard them thrown around in industry conversations, but do you know the investment that they represent […]

Understanding Different Wireless Survey Methods

At CentricsIT, we manage large-scale wireless deployments for companies all over the world. Here’s a snapshot of the different methods we deploy when conducting a wireless survey prior to architecting a network design. The method […]

Keeping Your Hardware Under Support During a Cloud Move

If you’re considering making a switch to hybrid or public cloud, phasing out your on-premise legacy equipment, transferring your data, and maintaining your security protocols loom in front of you. Decommissioning your hardware is no […]

How to Complete a Mergers & Acquisitions IT Integration

Have an upcoming merger to execute or an acquisition that you’ve been asked to prepare for? Either way, both initiatives are exciting steps forward for your company, but they also spell a great deal of […]

Smarter than SMARTnet: A High-Value Alternative to Cisco Support 

Your budget’s set. There’s no way around it—freeing up funds for future endeavors can be a tricky, and oftentimes arduous, process. Not only that, if you have been asked to find financial wiggle room within […]

Decommissioning Hardware During a Cloud Migration

Valuable ITAD Ideas for Better Decom in a Cloud Migration
You have just been tasked with a cloud initiative, and some of the obvious questions that your company needs to answer are: What cloud functions do […]

Can Third-Party Maintenance Provide Software Support?

Contributed by Cameron James, Executive Vice President of Direct Sales

We’ve been promoting third-party maintenance (TPM) for more than a decade now. Most of the clients we talk to about TPM understand it’s value right […]