Our Philosophy

“The manufacturer’s pricing model just doesn’t make sense to us. Your equipment is losing value every day, yet the cost to maintain that equipment is getting more expensive.”
Derek Odegard, President

Centrics Support PhilosophyThe OEM support models focus on selling, not maintaining. They want to raise the cost of maintaining older equipment in order to bully you into upgrading to newer machines, when the vicious cycle will begin again. Centrics Support Services has no hidden agenda. We know that if your IT equipment works just fine, it doesn’t make sense to pay for an expensive upgrade. This is what makes the Centrics Support philosophy so important.

Our primary goal is to extend the life and value of the IT assets that you’ve already purchased. We believe IT infrastructure costs should decrease over time as parts become easier to find and less expensive, and we will focus on maintaining your existing assets until you are ready to replace them. And when the day comes when you are ready to retire your equipment, we’ll help refurbish and remarket it to maximize your profits.

Why Centrics Support?

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Centrics Support Services takes care of all your support needs and puts your infrastructure to work for you—that's the Centrics Support philosophy.
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