Blended OEM Support Options

Blended OEM Support OptionsEvery Data Center is Different.

If your data center has a mix of older equipment and latest and greatest, our blended OEM support option may be a fit.

Our maintenance solution is designed to co-exist with your current or future OEM maintenance contracts. So even if you prefer to run mission-critical applications on the latest generation technology from the OEM, we can help you save significantly on your monthly IT costs by maintaining your non-critical equipment long after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

When the warranty on your OEM-supported equipment expires, you can easily add each machine to your CSS contract to avoid the OEM’s spike in support cost.

Our blended support options even allow our customers to track and manage assets in our online portal that are not under our support. That’s right–all machines, regardless of their support contracts, managed with one simple portal.

We currently support a client that required 75% of its Cisco environment to be maintained by CSS, while 25% remained under SMARTnet. This strategy reduced our client’s Cisco maintenance spend by 40%.

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