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Your data center is your company’s nerve center, heartbeat, and lifeblood. Its protection is essential to your company’s reputation, security, and success. As an IT professional tasked with operating such a vital component of your company’s overall health, you want to feel assured that your maintenance and support vendor will be available at a moment’s notice when something goes down. You want problems fixed within hours, not days. You want someone on speed dial, not a robotic telephone agent telling you to press 1. You want Centrics Support Services—a multi-vendor umbrella support and maintenance provider that offers completely customizable service plans to fit every need and budget at 40-70% off the cost of OEM maintenance.

As part of a global wholesale distribution company, CentricsIT, CSS employs manufacturer-certified engineers and technicians who spend every day servicing and troubleshooting equipment. When you call us with a problem, there’s a good chance we’ve already come across it and know exactly how to resolve it. And if you need an engineer onsite as part of your maintenance plan—no problem. Our sister company, The Centrics Group, is an all-inclusive IT staffing agency. They find top IT talent to fill positions around the world every day, and they’ll be ready when you need them.

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With such a comprehensive array of IT Support Services and commitment to providing the best, most flexible support solutions on the market, the question becomes—why not CSS?
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