Parts Sparing Procedures

Part Sparing ProceduresThe Part You Need When and Where You Need It

The CentricsIT parts sparing program gives you access to high failure-rate parts before you even need them. Our parts sparing procedures ensure that every component is accounted for and backed-up, reducing data center downtime in the event of a problem. Our procedure includes an onsite data center analysis of each machine, its configurations, and parts across all data center locations. Once all components are analyzed and higher failure rate components are identified, we supply spares accordingly in our secure stocking locations, strategically positioned all over the world. We can also provide onsite spares for mission-critical equipment that you would prefer be stored in-house.

Our partnership with a leading global IT hardware distributor, CentricsIT, gives us access to products and parts across manufacturers. This allows us to fulfill your needs much quicker than working with each individual OEM. You will have access to replacement parts at a moment’s notice.

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