Asset Valuation Process

Unmatched expertise and resources

CentricsIT sources and resells hardware all over the world and knows the secondary IT market better than anyone. Our global secondary market experts are manufacturer-specific, ensuring that your equipment appraisal is always accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, our engineers are certified to test and repair machines from every major OEM.

The asset management specialists at CentricsIT will conduct an audit of your decommissioned assets and send each configuration with information on the condition of each component to the appropriate product specialist. The product specialist will then evaluate the value of each individual component to see which pieces have value on the secondary market and which are candidates for disposal or recycling. Assets that are determined to hold value are then set up for a revenue sharing plan.

We treat your equipment like our inventory. If we encounter any difficulty moving your assets, we look for creative solutions to mitigate loss in value. With a multi-million dollar warehouse of inventory and certified engineers on staff, we can determine the best way to reconfigure or upgrade your assets in order to maximize value and demand.

Our competitors in the ITAD space actually sell decommissioned equipment to us, which we then resell to our global customer base. When you sign over your assets to CentricsIT, you instantly gain access to our customers—no middle man, which means higher profits.

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