Data Erasure Process

Disk Erasure ProcessIndustry-Leading Data Erasure Practices

Many organizations opt to avoid data destruction in favor of data erasure. The reasons can range from the desire to reuse the device to the intention to resell on the secondary market. CentricsIT deploys industry-leading software and data erasure techniques that maintain the integrity of your device while completely eradicating all data to every state and federal standard (HIPAA, NISPOM, HITRUST, PCI, etc.).

Our services guarantee data will be securely erased from PCs, laptops, servers, smartphones, tablets, and all other storage devices. We utilize the most advanced data erasure process solution on the market to meet the unique data erasure needs of any organization. Once we erase the data stored on your assets, data recovery is impossible. You will be provided with a certificate of data erasure as proof.

Following erasure, CentricsIT will provide your organization with a comprehensive report, which details the erasure and provides proof of secure data eradication. These reports are tamper-proof and verifiable, ensuring your compliance to pass any security audit. The details of the report include:

  • Hardware condition
  • Serial numbers and asset tags
  • The method used to complete the erasure and who completed the procedure

Disk Destruction and Data Erasure

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