CentricsIT APAC offers new and refurbished IT equipment across Asia and the South Pacific from leading manufacturers like Cisco, IBM, HP, Dell, EMC, Sun/Oracle, and more.
CentricsIT APAC is one of the only third-party IT maintenance providers that services Asia and the South Pacific. We are headquartered in beautiful Sydney, Australia.
When it is time to retire your EOL IT hardware, you can rest easy knowing that it will never end up in a landfill. CentricsIT APAC prides itself on its zero-landfill policy.


IT Lifecycle Management Solutions in Asia and the South Pacific

As IT needs change with technology, businesses in Asia and the South Pacific have to consistently reexamine IT’s impact on the bottom line. In this era of “do more with less,” data centre leaders are asked to increase reliability, enhance security, and drive innovation while reducing costs. But the manufacturer’s philosophy values only the latest technology, and the pressure to upgrade too often ignores the inherent value of your existing infrastructure.

CentricsIT APAC helps data centre managers across Asia and the South Pacific maximise the existing value of their infrastructures, which reduces IT spend and generates ROI.

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