CentricsIT provides global third-party maintenance for all of the leading equipment manufacturers to companies of all sizes. Our simple, flexible plans cover every machine in your environment under one contract.
CentricsIT takes a consultative approach to managing complex infrastructure projects by providing clients with high level expertise and a global network of managed resources that are proven to deliver.
CentricsIT assists globally with the end-of-life management of your retired IT assets. Our efficient processes ensure data security, environmentally friendly asset disposition and maximum ROI.

SUCCESS STORIES: Real Customers Across Verticals Who Made Smarter IT Decisions with CentricsIT

We Help Companies Around the World Make Smarter Decisions About Their IT Spending.

Common Sense IT: A Value-Oriented Approach to IT Lifecycle Management that Just Makes Sense

At CentricsIT, we see IT differently. That’s not just a tagline to us—it’s a business philosophy. We have been questioning the traditional approach to IT sourcing for more than a decade, because we know the riskiest reasoning for making a purchasing decision is, “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

We’ve taken the initiative to question the norm and develop a balanced, common sense strategy for IT procurement, budgetary allocation, and lifecycle management that prioritizes value while ensuring your systems remain operational, optimized, and secure.

Hiring dozens of vendors for projects across your multiple locations is costly and inefficient. But that’s how most companies approach multi-location rollouts and IT project management.

Eliminating the added cost and hassle of managing several disparate IT vendors just makes sense.

CentricsIT provides end-to-end lifecycle management services—from sourcing to ITAD—and a broad portfolio of professional services that can be deployed anywhere in the world.

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As technology evolves and more companies move infrastructure to the cloud, responsibly decommissioning IT assets should be a top priority for all IT leaders. But many companies fail to realize the substantial value in their retired IT hardware.

We don’t think it makes any sense to leave money laying around, especially with the ever-increasing pressure to do more with less IT budget. CentricsIT takes a value-first approach to IT asset disposition, ensuring you receive the most ROI for your retired assets while prioritizing data security and environmental responsibility.

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The OEM’s approach to maintenance doesn’t make sense to us. The OEMs treat your maintenance contracts more like insurance policies—the older your equipment and the more likely it is to fail, the more they charge to maintain and support your machines.

That seems reasonable until you break down the true cost of maintaining your hardware over time. What the OEM doesn’t tell you is that it actually costs less to maintain older equipment as spares become more abundant and engineering talent more prevalent. And to us, it’s just common sense to pass the subsequent savings on to you—40% to 80% on average.

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Our independent status means that we are not tied to OEM partnership agreements or discount categories, which gives us access to the global marketplace and the best possible pricing.

We carry everything from legacy equipment, to N-1, to the latest and greatest equipment just released by the manufacturer. With more than $10 Million worth of inventory in stock, we promise 48-hour delivery worldwide—essentially eliminating lead time. Altogether, our clients save 50-80% on their hardware purchases versus traditional distribution channels.

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With offices in five countries and service contracts in place in more than 80, CentricsIT is an undisputed world leader in IT service delivery and cost optimization strategy. We are trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, and our expertise has been cited in Gartner research, among other leading industry publications.
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