Centrics Support Services provides global third-party maintenance to companies of all sizes. Our simple, flexible plans cover every machine in your environment under one contract.
Centrics ITAD assists globally with the end-of-life management of your retired IT assets. Our efficient processes ensure data security, environmentally friendly asset disposition and maximum ROI.
CentricsIT is a global distributor of new and refurbished IT assets. Our array of IT hardware offerings includes all the top manufacturers like Cisco, IBM, HP, Dell, EMC, Sun/Oracle, and more.


Extend the life of your IT assets and maximize data center value with CentricsIT.

Today’s IT leaders need to be half IT Director, half CFO. In this era of “do more with less,” they’re expected to increase reliability, enhance security, and drive innovation while controlling costs. But the OEM philosophy centers on the latest and greatest, and the constant pressure to upgrade prematurely completely ignores the inherent value of your existing infrastructure.

CentricsIT helps IT leaders maximize the existing value of their infrastructures to reduce IT spend and generate ROI throughout the entire IT lifecycle. By leveraging global markets to source hardware at the lowest price points, providing third-party maintenance that extends IT lifespans years past the manufacturers’ EOL dates, and offering fair-market asset buyback and IT asset disposition services, CentricsIT can cut the cost of managing a modern data center by 40-70%. Click here to learn more.

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